Winter Loans

Winter Loans

During the winter months, some of our horses go out on seasonal loans. There is little point in having our full complement of horses here on Dartmoor through the winter months as riding opportunities can be very limited due to bad weather and short day length. Consequently, we are always looking for suitable loan homes where the BFGs will be looked after and appreciated during the off season. It’s a great opportunity to have one or two of these very special boys to ride with on your own turf. The nearer to home they are, the better as long journeys are not great for horses and are also expensive for the lender. We like to prioritise those people who have ridden with us and we have got to know.  It is desirable that the horses might go to the same winter home year on year as continuity is really good for both parties.

We expect people to keep the horse in good condition and keep up with shoeing and feet trimming where necessary, which you will pay for. If vaccinations fall within the loan period they will be paid for by us. The horse/s must not be used for any kind of commercial activity.  Any person riding the horse must not exceed 16 stone (fully kitted out for riding).

There are of course conditions attached to our loans, the horse on loan must be insured for death, theft and vet fees, we advise that the horse is insured for just under £5,000 as this does not entail a 5 stage vetting procedure.

The horse on loan must have the company of other horse/horses and shelter, a stable is preferable in case it’s needed to keep the horse in for any reason, but they will be happy outside with a field shelter.

The horse comes with all his tack, a summer turn out rug and a winter rug.  We add minerals to their feed and these we will supply.

If the loan home is within a reasonable distance, we will deliver and collect.  If further away we will ask that transport is provided by the loanee.  We like to have plenty of discussions and are happy to answer any questions you may have.