My name is Brae Park Tom, but my friends call me Tom Parker and I am a Clydesdale Heavy Horse, an old Scottish breed once used to pull ploughs, harrow fields and generally manage heavy work on the farm before the machines took over.  We are tough, hard working and nobly carry within us all the traditions of an age old farming way of life,  I live at Brimpts Farm on Dartmoor along with 11 other Clydesdales, where we work for a our living taking humans out on our backs to admire this beautiful place.  We have been doing this job now for six years on Dartmoor and we have become quite famous.  People love to ride us because we are very good at our job and we always impress them with our ability and our determination to get the job done.  Quite often we do very long rides of several days and we stop at interesting new places sometimes the grass is better and sometimes it’s not.  We pride ourselves on our good nature and our patience with sometimes annoying humans!  I think they call it “our temperament”.

Our owners say that we are a rare breed and that we need to prove to people that we are worth protecting and, if that’s true then I’m well up for it!  We do other things at the farm as well.  Some of us are good at pulling things which the humans call draught work,  and we don’t mind that as long as they feed us.  We quite like meeting people too, we are especially loved by children and seem to bring particular comfort to those who have special needs.  Not to say that we can’t thunder down a race track to raise money for Devon Air Ambulance when required.

The Kind people at Brimpts Farm, Andy Bradford and Gabrielle Cross have let us stay here and show people what special horses we are, but the cows in the shed next to us are complaining that we have taken their shed and they want it back and who are we to disagree?  So our proud owners, Tim Ancrum and Aileen Ware are hoping to build a new shed next door.  This will give us a place to work so that we can continue to prove we are worth looking after.  Trouble is, whilst we can work hard enough to pay our way, we can never earn enough to pay for building the new shed so Tim and Aileen are planning to run a crowd funding campaign on our behalf (we’re not very good at social media) to raise the money for the project and this is where you come in as our friends and supporters

Me and my pals are writing to you to ask if you can help us in any way to make this happen.  Apparently there are only a few thousand of us Clydesdales left in the world and so if you humans don’t help us we will soon disappear for ever and we won’t be able to be your special companions any longer,  If you can, please show us your support so we can continue to do our work for people in this very special place at Brimpts Farm.