No 10
Jockey:  Conor Smith
Trainer: Tim Ancrum
Owner: Alison Schwalm
Colours:  Yellow, blue cross belts, yellow cap

FORM: Last year’s winner, a real powerhouse.  Plenty of foot,
But beaten by Solo in a re-match.  This is the Usane Bolt
of the Clydesdale world.

No 11
Jockey:  Nick Scholfield
Trainer:  Aileen Ware
Owner: Bathwick Tyres Wayne and Sarah Clifford
Colours: Red and yellow

FORM: Last year Big Al was third, but this year he is even bigger and
stronger and more experienced and still has his very long legs.

No 12
Jockey:  Daryl Jacob
Trainer:  Becky Kennan
Owners: Jon Cadman and Veryan Codd
Colours: White body, green spots, green arms, white cap.

FORM: Stayed on well last year and loved the job.  Always enthusiastic,
will go well as long as his forelock doesn’t get in his eyes.

No 13
Jockey: Alice Mills
Trainer: Becky Kennan
Owner: Gill Otway + Friend
Colours: Blue and green quartered jacket with reverse sleeves and quartered cap

FORM:Consistent, reliable character who knows he’s good looking.  Quickest when dinner is being served.  Always ready to plunge in the river or to go mountain climbing.

No 14
Jockey: Aidan Coleman
Trainer Tim Ancrum
Owner: Jen Blythe
Colours: Purple navy halved jumper, reverse sleeves, purple and navy quartered cap

FORM: Speedy Solo pipped Tom Parker at Flete Park and has gone from strength to strength.  Royal Highland show winner.

No 15
Jockey:  Lucy Gardner
Trainer: Juliette Snelgrove
Colours: Beige and white stripes, quartered cap
Owner: Susanna and Brad Weller, Miranda Robson

FORM: A great performer to music, having excelled in the dressage arena.
Small but with a big heart, his first race, can he up the tempo?

No 16
Jockey:  James Best
Trainer: Hannah Coote
Colours:  Blue, light blue chevron, white cap, blue spots
Owner: Wendy Hawkes, Vanessa Fenessy and Aisha Wilson

FORM: The pink horse.  Solid, reliable performer, first time racing.  Could surprise. Uncomplicated horse who will try his best.