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Welcome to Adventure Clydesdale

We offer horse trail riding on Dartmoor in Devon exclusively with magnificent Clydesdale horses. Our business is based on the amazing adaptability of the Clydesdale breed, which has a wonderful nature and impressive ability. In our changing world, many breeds, including the Clydesdale, have lost their purpose as agriculture has moved on, but we at Adventure Clydesdale can demonstrate to you that these wonderful horses still have a role in the modern world as  very special riding horses, which inspire confidence in their riders as they stride out through the countryside.

About us

This business is born of a passion for the Clydesdale heavy horse with which I have been involved for the last ten years. Clydesdales, the heavy horse of Scotland, are classed as a rare breed...
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Riding options

We are based at Brimpts Farm in Dartmeet (Dartmoor) in Devon and as we are a small business, with relatively small ride groups we can afford to be quite flexible with what we can offer...
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